How to Prepare The Motorhome for Winter Camping

Winter Camping

Do you want to use your Motorhome or RV in the month of winter or during freezing temperature of winter?  

Here are a few questions –  
How do you keep the pipes from freezing in your RV?  
What can you do to stay warm in your RV?
Can you prevent the walls of RV from icing over?
Will fuel freeze?
Is it even possible for camping in winter?
Therefore, before going to winter adventure, there are few things that you need to know before you go to Los Angeles RV camping in winter.

Cover The Windows & Doors of Motorhome

It is going to blow you away from that how much chilled air that seeps in from windows, by adding insulation to the cause of the problem that can keep you inside of your RV much warmer.

You can buy a heavy fabric & make the curtains in order to keep the cold or chilled winds.

Install snaps around the windows in order to add an extra layer of insulation. Also, some people use bubble wrap & the bubble insulation.

Skirting The Motorhome

If you are having Motorhome without insulated bays, then you will require skirting in one of the most extreme weather conditions. In some cases, if the temperature drops below degrees as you’ll need to run a space heater under the coach. You just stay away from stove from propane heaters as well as use an electric commercial heater under the recreational vehicle.   

Cheapest Heat Options

Simply, invest in cheapest heat options rather than space heaters because they may end up costing you huge money. You can invest in propane heater & pellet stove.

How to protect the RV engine & generator from freezing

If you have diesel RV, here are a few tips for you in order to protect the RV engine & generator from freezing, check them out:

* Before entering into freezing temperature, just make sure to add an anti-gel supplement. After adding the supplement, make sure you drive & run the Generator in order to run the Generator in order to get additive inside.


* There is a lot of misguided information about engine block heater:

– If temperature between 32 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, then turn on block heaters for four hours before starting the engine.

-If temperature below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, turn on & leave on an engine block heater.

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