10 Essentials for Packing to Southern California RV Camping

Packing the main essentials either you go into the backcountry or even you are on day hikes, is a good habit. Yes, Packing the main essentials either you go into the backcountry or even you are on day hikes, is a good habit. Yes, it is also true. However, you may use only one of them while on a road trip. As yet you will probably never fully appreciate the value of 10 essentials for backpacking until you really need one of them. Here is the list of top ten essentials for climbers & outdoor adventures in order to help RV campers be prepared for emergency conditions in outdoors or Southern California RV camping. The system approach would be beneficial rather than listing individual items.

Updated & Classic Top 10 Essential Items

1. Map & Compass for Navigation
2. Sunglasses & Sunscreen for Sun Protection
3. Headlamps & Flashlights
4. Extra Clothing for Insulation
5. Repair Kit & Tools
6. First-aid Kits
7. Fire
8. Nutrition
9. Hydration
10. Shelter for Emergency

There are two components that are now viewed as navigation system i.e. Maps & Compass.

Topographic Map: It accompanies you on any trip that involves anything more than short or long footpath or frequently visited places.

Compass: It is combined with map-reading knowledge, an essential tool if you have become confused in the back country. A compass does not rely on batteries and weighs less. Even if you depend on heavy GPS for navigation, a traditional compass is an indispensable tool for navigation. A compass is equipped with a sighting mirror as it can also be used as a flashlight in order to rescue in an emergency.

2.Sun Protection
For sun protection, do not forget to use sunglasses & sunscreen cream with SPF. Both are indispensable, especially if you are planning to go to prolonged travel on snow or ice. For protection from UVA & UVB sun rays, a good quality of sunglasses is required while RV camping Southern California. When choosing a sunscreen, SPF 15 & 30 is recommended for overall sun protection. Depending on several factors, you should apply sunscreen after 2-3 hours, according to the effect of the sun. Also, you need sunscreen for your neck, face & hands.

When it comes to clothing, lightweight, light-colored & synthetic comes with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF).

You never know when weather conditions can abruptly change wet, windy or chilly. Therefore, it would be better to carry extra layering of clothing according to present weather conditions during RV camping San Fernando Valley. You should select extra clothing according to season only. Pack what is needed to survive in the worst conditions that could be realistically encountered on the trip.

4.First-aid Kit
It includes different size of several gauze pads, adhesive tapes, treatment of blisters, pain killers, etc. Also, first aid kit depends on the length of the trip & the number of people involved.

Matches & fire starter both are elements, which help to start a fire. The ideal fire starter ignites quickly & sustains heat for more than a few seconds.

Headlamps & flashlights also have value. However, some have very powerful beams that are useful in emergency situations.

While traveling, always carry spare batteries. Every member should carry his or her own light.

7.Repair Kit & Tools
The tools include knives & repair kits that are really helpful for RV camping. Your Motorhome must have these tools.

Carry at least 1-liter water bottle & water reservoir. Also, with the help of maps, try to identify water resources.

Always pack extra food while traveling to a long distance. It can be dried freeze meat. Also, it always beneficial to include no-cook items with long storage times. It can be nuts, dried fruits or jerky. It helps to keep your body warm. Also, do not leave your pets inside the shelter.

10.Emergency Shelter
It is a new one in updated essentials. If you get lost or injured in case, then you must carry emergency shelter for yourself. It must be equipped with an emergency space blanket, plastic trash bag, an ultralight tarp, etc.