Motorhome Plumbing Tips For Newcomers

RV camping is only wonderful if your plumbing is working seamlessly. There is one feature of RV camping, which is not delightful while dealing with RV sewage & wastage water holding tanks. With proper maintenance & care, all systems work well seamlessly without any hassle. In case, if you are a newcomer in order to handle your new Motorhome, then RV holding tanks may seem complex & overwhelming undertaking. This is not really very complicated, but there are some things that every RV owner must know. Check out some tips to keep the system working & flowing seamlessly:

There are most of the Motorhomes & travel trailers have maximum three tanks as they are part of water & water systems.

Fresh Water Tank

It provides water for shower, washing dishes & flushing the toilets. There is the majority of people who use their fresh water tank for drinking water & another usage during camping Southern California. The fresh water tank is used for drinking water that is connected to safe from a city water system or a well. Generally, the white hose is used for this purpose. It is stored separated from the other hoses so that it does not become polluted.

Gray Water Tank

It is used to collect used water from kitchen & bathroom. It can be dumped safely into the dump station or the septic system of Southern California RV Parks.


Black Water Tank

Generally, the black water tank stores used toilet water & waste until it can be safely dumped into the designated campground septic tank or system. One of the most important things that every newcomer must learn that how to deal with the tanks. In order to fill the fresh water tanks, it is easy as it is just a matter of hooking the white hose & filling the tank. To maintain the black & Gray water tanks is something more complicated. The RV manuals give specifics of how to hook up the sewer lines to dump stations & how to dump the tanks.

Tips: How to maintain RV Tanks

In order to keep the tanks working properly is a lot of easier as compared to fixing them. Check out a few tips that will help out black & Gray water tanks in good working condition.

Add Water to Tank: After emptying, always put a gallon or two of water in the black water tank. No matter what chemical you decide to use, make sure that one is made for RV tanks.

Flush With Adequate amount of Water: Use enough water to flush completely. However, it is trying to conserve water & too little water can cause toilet issues. It will eventually cause a buildup of solids & prevent the tank from emptying properly when one dumps.

Use RV safe tissues: All you need to bear in mind is that never flush down tissues other than RV safe tissues.

Check the levels of the tanks: You’ll want to check the gauge to make sure that the tanks have emptied properly after dumping. So, it is important to check the levels of the tanks of your RV before heading to Southern California RV camping.

Bottom Line

Bear in mind that never dump black or Gray water tank on the ground. This is due to the fact that it will be contaminated the area. Also, it may find its way into local drinking water. You just need to respect your environment & people around you. By following this, you can only keep your environment clean & non-polluted.