Everything You Need To Know About Camper & Rooftop Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

Since the maximum number of RVs or Motorhome or camper trailer are used during the hottest time of year. So, it is essential to keep in good condition. To replace & clean the filter is not good enough in order to maintain the RV AC in A-one condition.

There are few procedures for guaranteeing maximum efficiency of Motorhome or camper trailer AC unit. All these steps are not so difficult in order to perform as you may think. It will also save money as well inconvenience.

You should clean the condenser & evaporator on an annual basis, then it will make a huge difference in cooling ability of Motorhome or camper trailer RV unit. In order to lubricate the AC fan, motor helps extend the life & performance of the unit itself.

In this blog, you’ll also learn a bit about how RV cooling units differ from regular household units by following useful tips in the blog on RV camping Southern California. Check them out:

1.Brands & Models of Rooftop Camper AC Units

Numerous main processes of rooftop units. Opt for one of the best-equipped motorhome & camper trailers. The same can say for Carrier AC Units & Duos term Air Conditioning units. All credit goes to all these units that are similar in functions & designs. Being familiar with AC units (household) that will aid you greatly in servicing & repairing AC condition systems, nevertheless, there are a few differences that you’ll notice.

2.Troubleshooting Camper AC Units

Before starting with any form of repair or maintenance, this is helpful in order to familiarize yourself with the main components of the rooftop AC unit. The fan motor circulates air from the interior of camper trailer or Motorhome through RV unit where it is cooled & then returned into the interior of RV unit.

The compressor performs the task of circulating Freon via condenser & evaporator coils cooling fins. The cycle is repeated. On the other hand, both the compressor & fan motor use capacitors in order to provide a high voltage charge to get them moving, plus a lesser charge in order to keep them running.

3.Rooftop RV AC Shroud Removal

Cleaning & repairing the RV air conditioning unit, it is essential for removal of the shroud from the top of the unit. When you find the shroud is old, then it may be cracked around the retaining screws on sides & backs. It is time to repair bad spots before replacing the shrouds.

4.Repairing & Servicing Camper Fan Motor

It is easy to inspect the fan motor with the removal of the shroud for repairs or maintenance needed. Before doing any repair or maintenance on the rooftop AC unit, make sure to turn off the electrical breaker or unplug the Motorhome from an electrical power source.

The fan should spin when turned by hand. Now, it is a good idea to oil bearings & clean the accumulated bearings from both front & rear fan blades. It may be required to loosen the fan motor from its mountings in order to fully access both the ends of motor bearings.

5.Cleaning RV AC Condenser & Evaporator

During Southern California RV camping, it is recommended that clean the condenser & evaporator fins every couple of years in order to maintain the efficiency of the RV air conditioning unit.

  • The cooling fins on these units that will become clogged with dirt & dust.

  • Use a good quality cleaning spray to loosen the debris. It will help out to loosen dirt & dust effectively.

  • Make sure to cover up vent leading down in order to keep grime from seeping inside down.

Some Pivotal Points to consider RV AC Repair

If you properly maintain & service, the Motorhome or camper will last for many years of RV camping extensions. Most of the times, maintenance can be performed by owners if they have basic mechanical skills. In order to understand properly how an AC unit work may save the camping trip that you have been looking forward to for so long. You have to be careful before doing anything with AC unit, make sure you must have images before removing any parts that may any confusion during reassembling it.