Everything You Need To Know About Camping Units

Do you fond of camping?

Over so many years, if you get an opportunity to camp in a variety of camping units, then which one would you like to opt for? In this blog, we would like to give you an overlook on some of the different sorts of camping units that are available to you. The camping unit ranges from very costly to affordable, depending on your level of level of commitment as well as your budget while RV camping Southern California. No matter what your budget is, you’ll find out something that will be absolutely right for you. People usually start off with the tent camping. We’ll discuss types of camping units:

Tent Camping


  • It is close to nature & cheap to purchase.

  • This is easy to haul & store.

  • It comes in all shapes & sizes.

  • Cheap as compared to other camping units.


  • With tent camping, you have to sleep on the ground.

  • Air Mattresses are not comfortable.

  • It is not private & not good for all weather conditions.

  • It also collects moisture inside the tent.

Truck Camper

After tent camping, you’ll find out another camping unit i.e. Truck Camping. Check out some advantages & disadvantages of truck camper:


  • Convenient, Easy to maintain & Inexpensive

  • It can have refrigerator & Air Conditioning unit.

  • It can also have a bathroom.


  • medium in size as compared to other camping units.

  • Beds are not good.

  • There’s limited storage space.

Pop Up Campers


  • Easy to store & tow.

  • It is easier to maintain.

  • Cheap to buy & It also has air conditioning unit.


  • Beds are not comfortable.

  • There’s no privacy.

  • Less Storage Space

Motorcycle Campers

You’ll find this camping unit at a reasonable cost.


  • medium in size, Easy to store & tow, convenient & off the ground.
  • Easy to maintain


  • medium, Less Storage & Beds are not so comfortable.

Tear Drop Camper

This camping unit is exactly what the name implies. This is shaped & it can be expensive or inexpensive depending on what you want to.


  • medium, Easy to tow, easy to store & maintain.

  • It can have a TV, medium kitchen & heat & air conditioning.


  • No bathroom facility, medium in size & less storage,

The Motor-home or RV (Recreational Vehicle):

It comes in three different types such as Class A, Class B & Class C Motor-home. The Class A Motor-home resembles with a bus design with vertical front or flat with larger windows. Class B, on the other hand, it has truck cap design, however, there’s no bed over the driver. It is like considerate like a conversion van. The Class C Motor-home has a truck cap front with a bed over the driver, and this is much like a camper.

Class A


  • Luxurious Interior, Kitchen, Heat & Air Conditioning Unit

  • Spacious, A lot of Storage, Comfy Beds, Living Room with couch, closets & entertainment center.

  • Privacy, It comes in 24 to 40 feet in length

Disadvantages: Expensive in maintenance, It needs a tow vehicle, large in size & Gas.

Class C


  • Lighter in weight, Spacious & A lot of storage

  • Heat & Air Conditioning Unit

  • Comfy beds & Privacy


  • Expensive to buy

  • It needs a tow vehicle

Class B


  • medium In Size, Easy To Drive

  • Privacy

  • There’s no tow vehicle needed.


  • Less Storage space

  • medium in size

The above-mentioned is just an overview of different camping units that are simply available out there. Undoubtedly, RV camping can be fun, and you can enjoy it to the fullest by purchasing one of them. If you are under budget for camping, then you can save money on various things. Southern California RV camping can save a lot of money, time as well as you can save hefty bucks on food as well. Plus, teach your kids to enjoy nature as well as enjoy the open air. Whether you go with your friends & family – it can be fun & rewarding.