All This Stuff You Should Never Pack While RV Camping

Numerous chances are there, not each item in your subscribe requires to go with you on RV camping holidays. Lightening your packing load by casting off unwanted extra stuff in your bags. From toiletries to hair dryers, makeup bags & magazines, check out all this stuff that you should never pack while RV camping:

A Lot Of Magazines & Books

We do not mean to say that you should not enjoy a good read on your RV camping Southern California vacation. Nevertheless, if you have got a kindle or tablet, then you can get a free valuable spot by leaving the paperback books & magazines at your home. However, the electronic options are slim & lightweight. It allows loading up more reading material that you could never hope to finish out the entire vacations.

Different Attire For Each Day

Everyone has a lot of options, but almost no one requires whole new ensemble for every day of the trip. To pack up in this way is one of the quickest methods in order to run out of your room in your luggage. The odds are, you would not end up wearing half of that attires of what you bought.

For all of longest Southern California RV camping trips, most of the people can get away with bringing four tops & four bottoms that are practical & comfortable, and they all can be mixed & matched. In case, if you are worried about running out of well-cleaned clothing. And plan out on doing a load of laundry on the road. You can also simply hand wash a few items when you need that.

Don’t Pack Up Excessive Amount Of Denims

One of the ideal outfits for traveling, we can say is denim. It is absolutely long-lasting, versatile as well as hides your stains. In addition, it is also heavy & cover a lot of space, although when all are folded tightly. Therefore, pack up your favorite pair of denim, but the best thing is to stick to 1 or 2 at the most. Also, you can mix them with light weight bottoms such as leggings, jeggings, performance fabrics, etc.


Rather than bringing your whole toiletries bag in order to take advantage of free stuff that you can get at Southern California RV Parks. Most of the times, you get shampoo, soap, lotion, toothpaste, etc. However, it does not mean that it is all they have in stock. One of the best options is to ask before heading to the campground.

Your Makeup Bag

Most of the chances are that you do not use every item in your makeup regularly, therefore, why you should take the entire things? So, it is pivotal to stick to the products that you see on everybody basis & nothing more than this. Try to limit yourself while you would in an RV camping trip to cover up, bronzer, an eyeliner pencil, eye shadow, mascara, a lip color, etc. Consider one of these makeup kits that come up with a variety of cosmetics. If you think, makeup is one of the essential accessories that you could not leave without this, then choose it wisely.


It is pretty fine to bring a snack for the plane, however, there’s a reason to store excessive amounts of food in your bag for a camping trip. When your goal is to save money, so plan on buying a few simple items, such as coffee, milk, cereal, when you arrive. Don’t miss out the local delicacies of the destination that you are visiting. After all, is not that food part of the vacation experience?

Expensive Accessories

You may look like to fashion icon in your camping trip, but do not be tempted to pack up your whole stuff of expensive accessories while traveling. This is not at all worthy to pack up the nicest & expensive accessories, jewelry or designer purse. Camping with valuable things does not at all work. And, you will also be at higher risk of losing or leaving the mediumer accessories behind.

At long last, avoid packing up for the situations that are likely to happen. For instance, you just only need to pack up the gears for bad weather if you are a hiker. Don’t bring any useless stuff. It is wise to pack up only useful & lesser things for your entire day.