How To Maintain RV Holding & Sewage Tanks To Southern California Camping

This Blog is designed to help the RV owners to understand the proper ways to efficiently dumping & cleaning the camper Holding Tanks.

The RV Or Motor-home Storage Tanks

In this, we’ll explain the RV tanks themselves, and how they are used in the RV as well as how to manage them. We’ll elaborate each & everything here about the RV storage tanks. Plus, we’ll also give tips on draining the tanks properly & it’s useful information, which we’ve picked up from other campers in order to to how to make use of the storage tanks in simple & easiest ways. Also, how to lessen the contact with their contents during RV camping Southern California. If you find out this blog informative, then you’ll understand the whole process associated with it is easier.

The RV Or Motor-home Storage Tank – Gray Water, Black Water & Fresh Water

As everybody who are experienced RV campers know that there is three kinds of main storage tanks in the Motor-home or camper. The three holding tanks make the RV camping experience a lot more civilized. There are three common storage tanks are – 1) Fresh Water, 2) Gray Water and 3) Black Water.

That being said, that the trip into the woods along with your bag pack & sleeping bag that is your real & basic – back to the natural manner of RV camping. You must get the point, what we want to say here. Along with the convenience of having clean & fresh drinking water, a hot shower and a sanitary place – there are certain things that you need to know about RV or Motor-home holding tanks to keep your RV travel pleasant.

One of the best part is associated with the holding tank is the highest level of personal convenience, however, there are also built-in issues, plus needed preventive maintenance, which asks that you must perform to keep all them functioning well.

1)Fresh Water Tank

This is generally first & the large holding tank that is called as – the Fresh Water Tank.

As its name says that it is typically designed to store & provide fresh water for the users of the RV campers. When it comes to size, it varies with the design & type of the camper. The pop-up camper may have the tank in 10 to 20-gallon range.

Generally, it is designed to provide enough fresh water for a couple of people in order to cook with, plus drink & wash dishes. It is possibly even enough to take a military style shower.

How You Can Take A Military Shower

The Military Type Shower is designed to preserve the fresh water supply. Nevertheless, whether it is a campaign or on a ship – the military personnel are ordered to take the military shower in order to converse water supplies. When to try the military shower, then one would take these steps:

1)Step up into the shower

2)Turn water on

3)Wet yourself down

4)Soap & quickly rinse off the body

This tried & tested procedure is one of the most efficient use of the fresh water. It also lessens waste. There are certain things that you must aware of & manage when using – the Fresh Water Tank.

Water Quality Of Campground

1)Be aware of with the water quality of the campground as it usually varies greatly. Also, you need to take steps in order to assure that you have quality water in the fresh tanks that are safe in order to use at all the times.

2)You also need to keep the water clean & in safe condition that once you have stored it in the tank such as Water Filter, Water Pressure Restrict-or, Water Storage Bacteria, etc.

2)Gray Water Tank

The RV or Motor-home has also a Gray water tank. The tank is designed to collect & store the water, which goes down the sink & shower drains, plus clothes showers. Obviously, the water is dirty, however, it does not include sewage as the name as – the Gray Water Tank, it is typically designed with a capacity that varies with the size of an RV or Motor-home. Honestly speaking, this is designed to grab for the weeks Gray water who use the RV campers.

3)Black Water Tank

This tank is where you poop & urine is stored until you have to dump it. Plus, you must have to dump it on a regular basis. Here’s the thing that the campers learn quickly that is, it is not the Septic tank, however, it is merely a holding device that that is for exactly nasty stuff. The black water tank is typically designed to hold the urine, toilet paper for about a week.

How To Dump The RV Holding Tanks

While Southern California RV camping, there is an interesting way to dump both the Black & Gray water tanks, and how to clean the Black Water Tank at the same time. The most RVs have the outlets of both the Black & Gray water tanks that are joined to the single 3-inch outlet, which takes the standard 3-hoses for dumping. If you have these 3-inch type of connector on the outlet, which allows containing the sewage. It also allows the opportunity to use the Gray tank, including the inherent detergents from the showers & sinkers in order to clean up the Black Water Tank.