In California, Camping Sites Holds Swimming Areas

It is truly hard to imagine the place like California with a lot of camping options. From the Sierra Madre to Coastal Range, there are hundreds of campgrounds that come up with tents & RV accommodations along with access to numerous activities, including hiking, fishing as well as swimming. In case, if you wish to spend some more time on the beaches during camping in Southern California RV Parks, then California has covered everything in order to make the most out of it. Apart from an abundance of options, there is a handful of locations stand out when it comes to all time favorite – camping & swimming!

The South Coast

The coast of Southern California is one of the beachgoer’s paradises, with hundreds of miles of sandy shores & rugged coastlines. Some campgrounds are just only 13 miles from Universal Studios Hollywood, it is one of the best RV Parks near Universal Studios Hollywood. The campground renders full of amenities & facilities at reasonable price rates. That RV park includes the picnic table, campfire ring as well as access to drinking water, showers, recreational halls & restrooms. Also, hookups are available. The best thing is that the coast is open to surfing, sunbathing, fishing as well as wildlife viewing. You’ll also find out the sea lions & seals both are common sights around the water. In addition, the visitors may be able to point the Gray whales from the beaches. If you are planning to head to California, don’t miss out to explore the South Coast whilst camping.

The Largest Lake In California

Do you know that the Clear Lake is the largest natural lake? It lies completely within the state of California. This lake provides the best place in order to provide both the camp & swimming on the shore of the 43,500 acre lake. In this place, the campgrounds welcome RVs & tents in terms of camping in Southern California RV Parks. You can make the place of your stay as they consist of modern restrooms & hot showers for a bath. However, the largest campsites can accommodate Motor-homes up to 35 feet. At the designated swimming area, swimmers can hit the water. Bear in mind that, there are no lifeguards are on duty over there. So, swimming at your own risk.

On The Shores Of Lake Tahoe

Holding with a surface area that is spanning with more than 120,000 acres, Lake Tahoe has not limited opportunities for an abundance of water opportunities & sports as well as recreations. There are several campgrounds & beach spot the shorelines where you can find out well-famous state parks. The campsites are suitable for RVs & tents, and they also include a picnic table, fire grill & so many viable things. On the other hand, the restrooms & showers are also provided.

Deep In The Mountains

There is another worth watching Whiskey-town National Recreation Area is consisting of more than 42,000 acres of densely wooded mountains across the shores of Whiskey-town that is situated in Northern California. There’s a beach that is named as – Brandy Creek on the lake’s southwest shores. This is a place to cool off or soak up some sun. In addition, the campgrounds also include water & dump station, restrooms, picnic tables, hookups, etc.

Whether you are searching for the perfect stretch of isolated sand in order to reconnect with nature or choose to lay your head in a luxury canvas chalet – Southern California is full of plenty of beaches to offer beach-side campers.