Here’s How You Can Decorate Motor-home With Different Styles of Christmas Tree

♥ Merry Christmas ♥ Flickr Photo SharingIt must be everyone’s favorite things to do during the time of Christmas festival is to decorate the Christmas tree for your motorhome whilst Southern California RV camping. You must have heard about the real Christmas tree, so we’ve planned to continue with a real Christmas tree, undoubtedly, in order to stay at the campground, going to chop down the tree is always be a fun adventure. When you’ve been becoming older your preference for Christmas tree will be evolved in terms of revamping your motorhome or campground during festival seasons. Those days have gone when we used to spread the mass amount of silver tinsel all over the tree.

With the help of this blog, we’ve merged some unique & so many different ways in order to decorate Christmas tree, we just thought that we would like to share the ideas with our folks!

Advent Christmas Tree

It must be a great idea!

  • When we talk about the actual advent tree that kids can undecorate as the day pass. Getting this look to the tree, all you need to add up the advent ornaments right in with your regular ornaments in order to keep the tree free from getting bare.

  • You could also try little-numbered ribbon pouches in order to decorate it.

  • You could also try to make your own little stocking ornaments & just place a medium piece of paper with one of the advents ideas inside of the stocking ornament.

  • With the help of fun traditions or activities, you could fill your advent ornaments for the entire family in order to enjoy it. By doing so, it will really help in order to make or build tree to unwrap the new advent ornament each day leading up to the festival.

Garland Or Ribbon?

There’s one thing that has changed as in how to decorate the motorhome in terms of the Christmas tree.

  • You can make use of ribbons instead of garlands. Due to the fact that ribbons can add up more sophisticated looks as compared to the garland.

  • Nonetheless, there’s a good thing with the ribbon is that you’ll get in a variety of designs & textures. So that you can be more creative with your motorhome whilst RV camping Southern California.

Hanging Garland Vertically

This idea must be pretty new for you, nevertheless, it makes the perfect sense. Well, most of the people wrap garland around the tree. What about hanging the garland vertically from the top of the tree? We must say- it can be a unique idea!

  • You can tie up the garland at the top of the tree or a few branches of it.

  • Plus, you can also use wire in order to attach the garland at the top of the tree.

  • Also, try to weave the garland across the branches.

Burlap Garland

With the use of burlap as the garland on the tree, it must be looking amazing & unique anyway for this festival. It also gives the big country feel, and you could also decorate the outdoor trees making use of burlap garland ideas to add up a pinch of decoration in the very unique ways.

The Christmas Tree Flickr Photo SharingThe Gardening Christmas Tree

This is for all of your gardening booster over there, and it would be the perfect “tree trimming idea”.

  • All you need to pick the old or vintage tree, and just transform it into ornaments for the tree in terms of decorations.

  • This is absolutely fun & reasonable way to merge the hobby of gardening in the decoration of the tree.

Homemade Tree With Customized Ornaments

Instead of purchasing the ornaments, you can simply customize them & can make your own. Check out the different ideas of ornaments, such as:

  • Wink Cork

  • Homemade Glittery Clay

You can also find them online! Now, you’ll surely decorate your own Christmas tree for your own in terms of decorating your motorhome in a very affordable way.