Halloween At Disneyland 2015

Halloween 2015Halloween is just around the corner. The month of October comes up with a lot of cooler weather, scary movie marathons, delicious treats & festive costumes. How can you embrace this spooky time of year? What about Disneyland in order to celebrate Halloween at the fullest?

Fall is just around the corner, and the leaves begin to change. However, leaves may be not so much over there in Southern California, but you love both fall & Halloween, don’t get one of the best weather timings back. We have the perfect solution for you- take a trip to Disneyland camping. Right now, you may be probably thinking of the park that does not really change that much before Halloween, but this is here you are wrong. When you roam around the park, you’ll notice- how magical it is during this time of year. You must be seen pumpkins everywhere with a different colors, including yellow & orange. In the month of September, the park is almost empty as compared to all the busy sessions. People would love to go during that time not only because of the cuteness, which is in store. Nonetheless, it is not crowded at that time. As soon as you acquire on the tram at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure that you’ll see some of the adorable steps for celebrating Halloween with one of the classic Disney characters.

In addition, there may be a few friendly spooks along the way, too. At the times of night during camping Southern California, everything starts lightening up & these adorable scenes have become even more magical.

Main Street

You’ll start to see the magical decorations as long as you walk to the gates. There are a wide number of jack-o-lanterns in them. Every pumpkin is hand craved by Imagineers of Disney. You’ll see over 300 pumpkins decorating the windows & shops, and everyone is different. There are also lanterns along Main Street, which are decorated with yellow as well as orange banners with a Mickey pumpkin of course. The greenery of the park also changes, this time of year. You’ll also take notice Mums in orange, yellow & all types of alluring Fall colors.

Walt Disney Statue

There’s one thing that you shouldn’t miss out while Disneyland camping is the famous Walt Disney Statue, which is located in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Also, it is surrounded by character carved jack-o-lantern & every character represents the land in the park.

For instance, Buzz does represent Tomorrow-land, and Tarzan does symbolize Adventure-land. It is really a cool thing in order to check out at the time of nights due to the reason is that they light up & it is quite easier in order to see the carvings on them. Look at the back of the pumpkins, there is a special surprise carved into the back of everyone that you’ll want to miss.

Ghost Galaxy

If you are ready to launch into a haunted uncharted part of space, go for the thrilling ride whilst Disneyland camping. It comes up with the features a haunting music, which corresponds in order to the movement of the coaster, plus ghosts that chase you! Also, try to capture you on your voyage. So, be careful!

Haunted Mansion

Inspired by the movie A nightmare Before Christmas, well the Haunted Mansion is transformed into one of the beloved movies of Tim Burtons. Don’t forget to take a ride in this popular transformations. You’ll get to know how Jack has wrecked the halls. However, if the line is pretty long out there, there is much to look at & surely worth the wait. The whole outside the haunted mansion is decorated from top to bottom. In case, if you make a plan to ride during the day, it would be easier in order to look at the pet cemetery. On the timings of the night, you get to see the mansion lit up as well as a spectacular view.