Motorhome Awning: Tips & Tricks

When it comes to Class B Motorhome that is usually coming up with an awning that is installed already. Well, it resides in its own garage on the right side, which is above the door, and cranks out from the side of the vehicle. There’s an old model i.e. Third-hand 1995 Dodge Roadtrek 190 that comes with two self-contained support poles at every outer corner. The third support pole stored along with the side of the toilet compartment. The crank that is stored in the wardrobe closet when not in use, and fitted into a screw mechanism where the awning might be cranked out to full length.

The shades or awnings are used frequently by some class B owners, and others say they’ll never use it, and varies for us. Suppose, we are travelling and seldom staying more than one night in a location, then we almost never put up the awning or shade. Nevertheless, we stay in camp, plus the weather is nice as we often use it. The shade, as well as protection from rain, is great for RV camping Los Angeles. In order to leave it up overnight is quite risky if the storm might blow in. You have to get up in the midnight more than once in order to roll out the flapping awning up.

More Shade

Shades or Awnings work extremely great when the sun is overhead, nonetheless, when the sun angle is quite low, then the shade angle can almost negligible. You must have seen campers at outdoor dog shows hang a silver mesh trap, which could be attached with clamps to the edge of the awning. As it blocks the harsh rays of the sun, however, let the breeze through. This kind of shade is also called as- silver shade mesh, and it can be purchased in standard or customized sizes. The Motorhomes store sells awning drops, which slide into the track on the shade. In addition, you can also buy shade fabric as well as make that in your way.


When it comes to a medium tear in an awning while one stormy night in Southern California RV camping that will remind you that you should not leave the awning up until of certain of good weather. The awning repair tape is the only solution that can work amazingly well. This is something heavy vinyl transparent tape along with the adhesive on one side. You can cut it in order to fit over the tear as well as smooth it down for an invisible repair.


During RV camping Los Angeles, you must have cleaned the stains & weathering soot from the vinyl-coated awning in many times. One of the best methods is that we have found is to stretch the awning out to full length. It would be better to use 6-ft. Stepladder, plus spray it top and bottom with cleaner. Leave it approx. 10 minutes, then scrub it with a long-handled brush as well as a yellow sponge with green scrubber side. After that rinse it completely, and let the awning air dry. Crank it back carefully, and you will be ready for the next time. Moreover, do not forget a bit of spray lube on mechanism in order to keep it working smoothly.

Patio Light

Well, the roadtreck does not come up with an outside light at the door. Several years ago, we put the outdoor LED strip lights down the underside of the awning case and made two power cords for it. When we were in Southern California RV camping, we have made up a short cord when the awning was not deployed and a long cord when the awning was cranked out. But now you have a better lit patio option as compared to those who have an outside light. On the other hand, others must have liked the idea as you are going to see new class B LED strip lights for outside illumination.

Tubing Trick

You must be noticed that what a pain it is in order to remove maple seeds and other stuff that have caught the awning case as well as the fiberglass roof of the Roadtrek. You will be learning a great trick from another Roadtrek owner. It would be great to visit the hardware store and buy enough clear plastic tubing in order to reach the length of your awning. Push the tubing into the gap and you’ll notice no more waste that will get trapped there. This is quite easier & clean to remove whenever desired.

Other Awnings

The place where you really want an awning could be a rear window. Having a great view as well as to put up Reflectix in order to keep the hot sunny out. The solution is the easiest project. The Kedar awning rope, awning track and some other outdoor fabric, then you can get some rear window awning. This is something which is just enough to keep shade on the window, and allow us to enjoy the view. It will also take a little space as well as we always have it with us.