Celebrating Halloween In Your RV

Halloween campingIf you are planning to hit the road this upcoming Halloween, then why you are not making plans to celebrate it in your RV(recreational vehicle) or Motorhome! Halloween happens to fall on a Saturday this year, that means you can turn your Halloween vacations into 3-4 day weekend.

In case, if you are looking for some quality ideas for camping Southern California this Halloween, then at The Balboa RV Park, our squad can help you out!

Pumpkin Sculpture

It would be great if you embark your Halloween adventure by going to your local pumpkin & picking out the pumpkins with your entire family. Find out the one you like the most, then take it your home in order to decorate. You can decorate it with your favorite scary faces or with your favorite sports team. Well, undoubtedly, the possibilities are endless. Simply make sure that you will be having fun in order to do it.

Decorating Your RV

After that, the pumpkin sculpture just goes outside & decorate your Motorhome or RV. If you are traveling & bringing the decoration supplies with you and decorate it while you arrive at your campground in Southern California camping. If you are planning to stay for Halloween, then decorate your RV anyways. In order to make most of the Halloween, the theme decoration of Halloween-themed decorations that can only be a fun activity to do with the family that can also bring a great sense of pride for your kids.

Candy Hunt (Trick-or-Treat)

During the camping Southern California in your RV, and you are staying the campground, then make an RV trick or treat candy hunt. In case, if you are not in the area where trick-or-treating is being practiced, then you can always make up your own games in order to give the kids a chance to get the candy they crave every time on Halloween. Rather than going door-to-door asking for candy, you can set up a scavenger hunt, where the children can run around in order to look for clues to the candy.

Localized Campground Activities

When you are planning to stay at the campground this Halloween, then luck in your favor. Numerous RV parks near universal studios Hollywood across California are hosting Halloween-themed events, which are free in order to participate in. Here is The Balboa RV Park, which is situated at the heart of Los Angels, where you can celebrate your Halloween with your entire family. The campground offers one of the best scream contests & deals. This campground offers a pleasant stay at competitive price rates as well as a lot of features for everyone to enjoy & Halloween party that features a costume contest, music, dancing, games & so many things for all ages. In Halloween events, guests also participate in every activity. So, if you are planning for camping in Southern California- opt for The Balboa RV Park for this Halloween.

We hope that you have a great Halloween at The Balboa RV Park. In case, if you are searching to take advantages of extremely great deals on some great RVs, we can help you out. Offering you one of the best offers & deals to stay in Southern California for camping! Visit us, and see why you should opt for us this season!

Happy Halloween!