A Guide To Using Gadgets During On The Beach During Camping

RV Camping Southern CaliforniaHeaded to beach for camping in Southern California this month?

Are you ready to save your gadgets from getting spoiled due to water while doing water activities on the beach?

If not, then do you really need to pay money to achieve that? Sometimes “yes” & sometimes “no”. Let us dive into the concept why & how you can save your phones without being broken:

During RV camping San Fernando Valley, there’s water & sand. You know very well about that- what can all these things spoil your stuff? Don’t know? We’ll tell you!

One of the major problems with water is, it is not just water, and at the beach, there’s salt in it. At the lakes, there are minerals & so on. All these present minerals conduct electricity, and it is basically responsible for short circuits any electronics that it touches. We hope that you know very well what does happen if you untwist the paper clip & connect both terminals. Right?

However, water does do this with every connection, and water touches with exposed wire when it gets inside your electronics. By doing so, corrosion happens that is also caused by the different types of minerals & gases dissolved in water, and all these stuff transfer electrons, enabling metals like iron to lose an electron, and oxidizing them. There’s still salt present over there even after the water has gone & will continue rusting the circuit. It also causes continually rusting the circuit boards, connectors & the boards.

Well, salt is a quite less obvious threat, nevertheless, it can damage your electronic gadgets. It works in a way into connectors & ports. And the speakers & the gaps around the screen, seals, gaskets, and all that stuff. If you try to plug something into a connection, then it causes damage by pushing stuff of place.

Being part of the outdoor adventure in summer, you have to also bother about drops, the stuff getting stepped on & wet dogs running and jumping.

What About Solution To Get Rid Of This Kind Of Situation

Do you know that you can save you from a lot of damage just by keeping stuff in “ZipLoc Bag”? Yes, you can! However, it might not prevent your gadgets from water, but it will protect your stuff from sand and overturned sun tan lotion & splashes of water!

Next is “LokSacks” that seal completely & securely. This is what that protects your phone without being wet during camping near sea beaches. This is completely affordable, but has the quality in order to last multiple uses.

Well, numerous devices will continue to work whilst in a plastic bag. With the use of it, you can still read your Kindle or listen to music on speaker or read text on your phone. It would not be as slick experience, but when you cannot afford to replace the gadgets, and if you are somewhere that is hazardous to them, then it can be worthwhile to play it safe.

What to do (when your stuff gets sandy or drenched)

When it is still on, then turn it off immediately, therefore, it prevents from damage if water has not reached the circuits yet. Now, your task is to dry out the device inside. Some people would suggest that you leave it in dry rice in order to draw the moisture out. Baking at low temperature is also beneficial for speedy evaporation. You can achieve the same thing – but leaving the gadget in a sun for 1 or 2 days.

If you still risk the long term effects of corrosion which worsens over time. The best prevention of water corrosion is, prevent is from water access. While sand is quite easier. All you need is to be diligent when cleaning out of all the minor holes until they are sand free. For best results, you can use a toothbrush or shaving brush or anything that is similar to them.

How Waterproof Phones are actually “waterproof”?

Any device that claims to be water-resistant that have to tell you it’s International Protection Marketing numbering the form of IPXX.

Well, the first number refers, keep your gadgets from dust & other foreign objects out of critical parts. If higher the number, then it would be better (as in 0 means no protection & 6 that means dust tight).

In short, waterproof gadgets worth it during travel.