How To Defend Your RV’s Tires While In Storage

You can learn here how to store your RV into storage, you might probably be worried about some scratches & cuts into your motorhome. Now, here is the solution how to protect your RV’s tires whilst in storage.

If you are one of the owners of RVs, you may not think twice regarding how to store your RV’s tires properly. If you do not take care of your RV’s tires that may cause insidious damage plus drastically shorten their time of existence. It is better to not to wait for a catastrophic blowout in order to prompt to pay more attention to the tire storage before you make plans to stay in RV parks near Universal Studios Hollywood.

In this blog, we’ll guide you how to keep the tires of your RV or motor-home in good shape before storage.

How To Store RV Tires In A Right Manner

It is pivotal to opt for a place in order to store the RV. Bear in mind the following points before storing the RV’s tires. In order to maximize the life of your RV’s tires, it is essentially important to keep the tires from these three things:

Standing Water- This is one of the serious issues that you may face during the storage of the vehicle for a long time. If standing water enters the inner line & casing, then the tire suddenly breaks, and that would be something intolerable.

Sunlight- As sunlight is essential for everything for better, but it also causes damage the tires in order to break down the rubber molecules to make the rubber brittle & cause cracks.

Ozone- It also damages the molecules of rubber that is why the manufacturers of tires add antioxidants & antiozonants in order to slow down the effects of ozone.

Some Specific Situations That You Should Avoid

Rubber is one of the common materials that has been used in order to manufacture the tires of the RV. Protect the rubber of your tires by avoiding the following situations when you park your RV for a long time. Here’s the list of some specific situations that you should avoid whilst parking the RV.

  • Do not park the vehicle near electric motors & hot surfaces. Due to the reason that electric motors produce ozone that rapidly damages the tires, as well as the hot surfaces due to the tires from the heat of the sun that is hotter than concrete.

  • Do not park the RV on uneven or tilted surfaces that can increase the pressure on the tires.

  • Avoid oily puddles of water.

  • Use tire covers in order to protect the vehicle for a long time.

How To Prepare Your Motorhome For Storage In Order To Extend Its Life

When your machine is in storage, then you can put the least amount of stress on the tires of your RV. Follow these things how to prepare your motorhome for storage in order to extend its life:

  • It would be better to remove as much as the weight of the RV as soon as possible.

  • Increase the pressure in each tire by 25%- this is the maximum pressure that your tire can withstand before broken.

  • Remove the bottom part of the tire for a time period of every three months in order to prevent the tires from the cracks.

  • When the weather is so chilled, then do not move the vehicle.

  • Before using the RV, reduce the pressure to normal levels.