Get Ready To Travel With Your Adorable Pets

Southern California Camping

Camping With Your Cat

This is for those who passionately love their cats. It is very common among travelers that have been taking their pets along with them since the beginning of this era. Nevertheless, cat owners & lovers are joining other pet lovers who travel with their pets. Your pets, especially cats can travel by any kind of vehicles, including cars, plane & train, and they usually comfortable with traveling. You may also have seen cats in carriers of the bicycles & in kitty strollers. Well, there are numerous cats who live happily with their owners in their motorhomes during Disneyland camping.

If you are traveling with your cat in a car or motorhome, numerous things are out there that you can do to make travel with your cat quite easier & safer.

How To Prepare Your Cat For Travel

First Of All, Get Your Kitty A Proper Check Up

  • During camping with your kitty, make sure that she has a proper check up plus her vaccinations up-to-date.

  • You will also need to carry a copy of your kitty’s rabies certificate. Doubtless, it is a good idea in order to keep a health certificate signed by your veterinary doctor during camping in Southern California.

  • If you plan to visit one of the best Los Angeles RV Parks– The Balboa RV Park then make sure to check ahead of time to see what you’ll need to do.

  • You’ll also need to carry the recent health certificate signed by your veterinary. It would be great for your pet. It means your kitty will be absolutely free of any disease that could make her sick at any time.

  • If you travel with your kitty, let her get used in the RV ahead of time. Bring your kitty with you or let her roam around the inside of motorhome or RV.

  • And, to get acquainted with all of its nooks & crannies. All you need to do give her a little treat. There is one thing that can help you is that- you can cover her place with vinyl covering on the place where the kitty is going to stay during traveling, and the cats usually like to sit on that kind of places and look out the windows at the birds & activity outdoors.

For Your Kitty, What To Pack

  • Cat Toys, Carrier, Bed

  • Cat First-Aid Kit & Grooming Tools

  • Litter Box

  • Food & Water From Home

  • Scratching Pad

  • Collar, Harness & Leash

If there is a case, your kitty will be traveling with a cat carrier, then get her used to her by leaving it open with a treat inside. Your motorhome may be probably analyzed & be more comfortable with it if your kitty can go in & out with the door propped out. It is always a great idea for your kitty with short rides that do not end up at the vets. Your kitty needs to know that every RV ride does not take her to the veterinary’s office. It would be great if you tag your name & cell phone number on your kitty in case if you lost her. In addition, if you want to get extra safety, then get an identification chip implanted in your Kitty in order to extra safety.

Follow these simple guidelines while camping whether you are traveling with your kitty or dog, check it out:

  • Before going to any campground, make sure the campground allows pets.

  • It is better to see in order to check in advance size or weight limits of pets.

  • Bear in mind, you have to already prepare your pet for outdoor activities & adventure.

  • Make sure, the vaccinations of your pets are already done.

  • Keep your pet’s food, water & dish while camping.

  • Again, the most pivotal thing is that do not leave your pet locked inside of the motorhome.

In order to travel with your pet as well as diminish your hassle. Just follow all above essentials for better.