How To Repair & Maintain Top Air Conditioner (AC Unit) Of Your Motorhome

Motorhomes is one of the essentials whilst Southern California RV camping. And what if you are planning to go for a next trip in the upcoming days? Are you ready for that?

And what about air conditioner of your motor-home? The rooftop air conditioners are made to give many decades of dependable cooling efficiency. But, it is essential to keep the rooftop AC unit of your RV clean & properly maintained. Undoubtedly, rooftop AC unit needs repairing. This blog will assist you in order to know which parts of your AC of your RV (recreational vehicle) to replace or service. These following tips are quite simple and easy to follow even for those who have less experience in this niche.

In case, if you are unfamiliar with how AC works of your RV, this blog will help you to understand in order to which part needs service, maintenance & repair:

Maintenance- Evaporator Coil & Condenser Coil

Rooftop air conditioner is the same as is used on the other types of RVs such as travel trailer & pop-up campers. The AC system of yours may have 1 or 2 units to keep the RV cold or warm (if the AC unit has optional heat element). However, these AC maintenance procedures are same for all types of aforesaid RVs.

  • After the usage of a few seasons, it is unusual for the AC unit that not to cool efficiently as it previously did. However, you have kept the filters clean on a regular basis. But, it is natural that the coils evaporator and condenser will eventually cover with full of dirt & grime that suppresses air flow & cooling efficiency.

    Note: Before doing anything, make sure that switch off the electrical supply! You do this by unplugging the switch of motorhome or tripping the breaker.

How To Clean The AC Coils Of RV?

Are you now ready to remove the AC shroud by unscrewing the 4 bolts? If yes, then go for it. After removing the AC shrouds, now you’ll be able to see the two coils- Evaporator coil & Condenser Coil.

If you see these coils same, then it really needs a cleaning in order to work efficiently and allow unrestricted airflow through them.

AC Coils Cleaner: It is better to clean the coils with specific AC coil cleaner and this is more efficient than a regular household cleaner. The AC coil cleaner has specially made for the purpose to remove the filth as well as it will not harm the coils for sure. Using the cleaner is completely safe.

Condenser Fin Comb: Use fin comb for the condenser in order to keep the airflow from moving through the AC coils efficiently. Follow the instructions carefully for outstanding results. These condenser fins combs are cost-effective and you can buy these without stretching your budget.

Maintenance – AC Fan Motor

After removing the envelope of your AC, this is the time to service the AC Fan Motor. Clean the fans for efficient cooling. Either the fan is made by the carrier, Coleman or Domestic, then it will have one fan motor that turns both the squirrel cage & the heat exhausting fan. The fan motor should be oiled at that time. To add oil to the bearings, a few sheet metal screws will have to be removed in order to allow for the bearing ports.

How To Replace AC Fan Motor?

  • If there is a case, the AC fan motor is quite slow to start, then this is time to replace the fan motor. And it will be needing or replacement with a new one.

  • This is the simple job regarding the replacement of AC fan motor and it can occur with a few simple tools.

  • For simplicity, mark the wires with colors before removing the fan motor.

  • Test the fan motor before replacing the AC shroud in order to check for proper alignment.

Protect Your RV’s AC Unit In The Off Season

The RV’s AC unit should give you many reasons of dependable operations if you service it on an annual basis. The use of a cover the AC unit of RV is highly recommended during the times when you don’t use it. The RV covers are quite cost-effective in order to keep the AC unit protected. It will protect the unit from moisture, extreme cold conditions & hot temperatures.