Gas Vs Diesel: Which One Is Best-Suited RV Option?

Excel Drive School   Flickr   Photo SharingWhen it comes in order to compare engine choices in the truck or automobile- that is completely straightforward. The question that you should you buy Gas or Diesel recreational vehicle (RV) for your next camping Southern California. This question embraces what kind of Motor-home or RV should be purchased? The universal answer that you could expect to hear, it goes something like this: Diesel does cost more. And do not buy a diesel unless you are going to plan to put a bunch of miles on it & keep it for a long time. It seems like that this is the only way that you can justify the additional cost of a diesel.

When we talk about motor-homes, then the things are changing. The first thing that comes to mind is that- the diesel would be more efficient than a gas model. This is something that is not necessarily true. In some states & provinces, diesel fuel is priced much higher than gasoline. Generally, diesel pushers ride far better than as compared to gas powered rigs on the average roads in America. When it comes to mountain travel due to higher engine torque & engine auxiliary breaking features.

The rear end departure angle is greater on diesel pushers (DP) due to the reason that the shorter distance from the rearmost axle center at the end of the hitch. The rear-axle on a diesel pusher must be further back to support the weight of the engine. With the help of gas, the front axle must be further forward in order to carry the motor.

The Gas powered Class A RVs are usually less expensive as compared to the DP (diesel pushers). The largest cost of DP is due to the reason- the largest transmission to handle the high torque, complete air system, customized heavy-duty chassis, DEF system, diesel generator and more. The Gas powered units are quite a low cost in order to maintenance point of view of the average low yearly mileage owner.

Honestly speaking, the Gas & Diesel are both different animals. Nevertheless, the requirements of buyers are different. Then why should you opt for gas rig:

  • Low yearly mileage (less than 5,000 miles per year)

  • Requirement for lighter & shorter vehicle

  • And if you are not planning on doing a lot of mountain driving

Here are some reasons that may support buying a diesel pusher (DS):

  • Very High Mileage

  • And if you want for largest motor-home models

  • Better fuel mileage on some mediumer models

When we talk about diesel engine then the horsepower peaks at a lower RPM and there is more torque at a lower RPM as compared to a gasoline engine. In a diesel engine, it results having much more power at a lower RPM. Therefore, the higher torque & horsepower at a lower RPM equates to better towing.


Gas Vs. Diesel

If you are planning to buy a motor-home for your upcoming camping San Fernando Valley trip, then it is pivotal to decide what features are the most essential for you? Ask yourself: Are you taking it for vacation purpose? Or, are you going to use the motor-home or RV (Recreational Vehicle) as a permanent residence?

And if you are looking for an answer as in what is best-suited for you then it is quite hard to answer it due to it all depends on what you are looking for exactly.