DIY Solar Power System For Your RV

Southern California RV ParksHave a look to the past when camping is camping that means taking your tents to the woods due to the reason there was no electricity out there. And that’s how camping should be. But, the time has completely changed now. Solar Panels do convert sunlight to electricity! Now, RV camping San Fernando Valley means there will be no electricity problem no matter where you are.

Electricity In An RV With Solar Panels

While traveling, now you can enjoy the electricity in an RV or motorhome with Solar Panels. Now you can save a lot of power consumption when it is extremely hot or cold. Solar Panels can lessen your burden more than anything.

As the Sun is everywhere!

The one of the major misconceptions about motorhome is that this is limited to large panel system on the roofs. As you must be familiar that the RV has a large capacity for storage as in for water, fuel, and generator for energy. In order to create the electricity with solar panels, there are three parts where you can install the Solar power system to your RV or motorhome:

  • The Roof

  • Inside the roof

  • The Pass-Thru Storage

How Do Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

In order to power your RV from the sun that is clean, less expensive & efficient over time than coal-powered electricity. Now, you can find solar panels in many places, including your home. Do not you think that it is time to go solar? Typically, solar panels are designed & engineered in order to capture the UV rays to convert to electricity. You can easily use & install solar panels during your camping trip in order to avoid hurdles.

You Can Save Huge Dollars With DIY Solar Panel Kit!

The cost of professional Solar panel kits has now come down over the past few years and you can install DIY Solar Panel Kit in order to avoid huge installation bucks. With the help of Solar Panel Kit, you can save time & money, too. As it includes all the components that you need to generate free solar electricity as well as reduce carbon footprints. Over time, you can also choose to add some more solar panels in order to generate more power into your RV. Generally, DIY Solar Panel kit for RV (recreational vehicle) or Motorhome is generally less expensive. Instead of purchasing ultra expensive solar panel kits. By doing so, you can save 50% over retail solar panel prices.

Component & Cost

Usually, people find DIY Solar panel kit is much less expensive and easier instead of contracting with the solar power company. The solar power kit allows you to go solar out of the box and it includes everything that you need to switch to solar power such as:

  • Solar Inverter

  • Charge Controllers

  • PV (Photovoltaic) Panel

The most expensive solar kits include high-quality inverters, charge controllers, and more solar panels. There is a slew of DIY solar panel kits are available in the marketplace, which are only $479.

How To Install A Solar Panel Kit?

In order to install the solar panel kit that is designed to be relatively simple for you if you like to undertake DIY projects. One of the best kits includes detailed instructions that show you how to install a solar panel kit in detail. However, so many people are out there who take a few hours and can have the whole array up and running in a day. Follow these following steps in order to install Solar panel kit:

  • Opt for a suitable location for the rooftop installation kit as well as receives the most unshaded sunlight each day.

  • Locate roof rafters in order to use a stud finder & install the mounts in a rafter.

  • Place the mounts at least 3 inches of air flow under installed solar panels in order to increase the efficiency and it depends on the latitude of your location.

  • Drill the holes for the mounts and install with lag bolts due to avoiding roof leaks. Then rails are bolted onto the mounts. The solar panels are installed on the rails.

  • Now, interconnect the junction boxes on each solar panel as you can see the instructions.

You may be probably thinking that- where can you buy a DIY Solar panel kit? The answer is simple is that- you can buy it from hardware store retailers.