Tech-Savvy Camping Tips

iStock_000017536770MediumPreparation for a trip? Awesome!

Your mom would remind you to pack woolens that you never know when it’s going to be extremely chilled during camping Southern California.

We’d remind you to pack some other essentials, although the woolen idea is solid, too! Modern campers demand more than merely charging cord of the Smart-phone of yours. The time has come where there is more to being a tech savvy camper! Well, it is not about what you pack, but it’s all about how to plan effectively. Bear in mind these following tips to make your next RV camping Southern California trip successful.

Don’t Forget To Keep- Hotspot Handy

WiFi is everywhere! Isn’t it? Excluding when it is not? Finding it in your RV (recreational vehicle) or anything else where you may need the most. You never know when the WiFi network might be down on the way. This is the something that you should keep with you more than anything.

In addition, your smart-phone can pull hots-pot work, nevertheless, they can heavy strain on the batteries as well as the data plans, and we all do agree with the statement. Our preferred option is Hots-pot Handy during traveling- opt for it and we can’t tell you how it can save your day.

Power Of Your Smart-phone- Plan Ahead!

That being said that- You can never be too thin & rich or too much battery life! Unfortunately! There’s no smart-phone that can run at the end of your trip.

The way of the mobile charger is really really essential. There’s nothing would wrong to take it as this is amazingly light weight & slim. Which is quite pivotal. It does not merely charge your smart-phone for many times, but also your tablet & laptop, too. It usually comes with connector tips for laptops, tablets & smartnesses. The travel charger comes with two versions- Lightning & MicroUSB.

In-flight Internet- Buy It!

People who would love to roam around across the world, buy In-flight Internet service. Before heading to the airport, don’t forget it! There are some companies who offer all day pass for the whole day. That’s the competitive deal.

Multi-Tip Sync/Charge Cable

Are you carrying too many devices with you while camping? Phones, Laptops, Tablets, mobile hotspots- all devices need charging that means all need charging plus cable.

  • What do you think about multi-tip sync/charge cable? It comes with diverse styles as well as lengths.

  • Just head to any online store and search for search for 3 in 1 USB cable and where you can see numerous options.

  • If you don’t need a 30-pin connector, then opt for 2 in 1.

  • Plus, always pick MFI-certified cable and it’s worthy to spend a bit extra.

Put The Find-My-Phone Features ‘ON’

Why so many people don’t bother the feature in their phones i.e. Find-My-Phone feature. Undoubtedly, the feature can mean the difference as in between not finding the phone or finding the stolen/lost smart-phone.

For Android Users:

Some handset makers add the options like similar to find-my-device apps & services. There’s nothing matter that how many & what kind of app you are using, but use one at least- that’s the matter!

For iPhone Users:

Follow these following steps in order to search your lost/stolen android iPhone:

  • Install Find My iPhone App

  • Run the App

  • Sign into the iCloud account

  • Head to any web browser & sign in with the same account

  • Click on Find-my-iPhone

  • The last reported location of your phone will appear. You can also play a sound & enable lost phone mode.

Have you any tech-savvy camping tips to share with us? If any, write in the comments below