How To Stay Healthy Whilst Camping?

Being healthy during camping is one of the essential things due to the reason that you must stay energetic & healthy throughout traveling especially when it comes to the adventurous trip. What do you think about calories? What kind of food can provide you all kinds of nutrients that are needed? If you are planning Southern California RV camping then make sure you have already done with planning. When we highlight the part ‘calories’ that means it provides enough energy that you need for travel & warmth in the winter environment.

Eat healthy while camping

How To Get Healthy During Camping

When we talk about outdoor activities, then you can only maintain the physical connection with nature when you in actual sense healthy. Thus, it is important to be healthy throughout your trip.

Carbohydrates: You must have the foods which are rich in carbohydrates, fats & proteins. In carbohydrates, you must have 50-60% caloric intake as in starches & sugars are easily metabolized and can provide you instant energy. You can take, for instance, sweet warm drink, instant apple cider etc.

Complex Carbohydrates: When it comes to complex carbohydrates then it includes pasta, grains etc. Complex carbs release energy slower, you can also cook them during traveling.

Fats: You should calorie intake of fats in between 25-30%. By having fats, it provides long-term energy. In a nutshell, this is the energy booster for the quite longer time period. For instance, butter, cheese, nuts, meat fats etc.

Proteins: You must have 20% caloric intake of proteins, and this is an essential part of your diet due to it is responsible for building tissues. You can also think of easy chicken that can provide full energy throughout the day. For instance, meat sticks, pre-cooked chicken etc.

Say No To Dehydration

It is not like that you can only dehydrate in summer. You should also notice the water intake during winter. When we take the limited amount of water, then we can be hydrated. Here’s the symptoms of dehydration as in weight loss, dizziness, headache, decreased urine volume. You must aware that how much important the water can be during camping. Winter is low humidity environment and you must replace body fluids that are lost due to evaporation, respiration and all. Water is essential. Do not tell your water bottle empty throughout the day. Stay hydrated your body.

Some Essential Tips

Each day is responsible for your health during the trip. So, make sure you are already with the raw foods & ingredients. Here’re some essential tips that you can adapt for maintaining good health throughout the day.

  • Breakfast: You can set alternate days with light & heavy breakfast meals. It all depends on how much physical activity you would have gone through during outdoor activities. For instance, you can have oats with nuts for rejuvenating yourself. Since oats & nuts are rich in fibre and the source of full energy that could be the great option for the breakfast.

  • Snacks: After the excursion, it must be obvious that you would get tired. What about snacks? Yes, you can include them, including some fruits, veggies, pasta, cereals etc.

  • Lunch: You can bring raw foods that are not required to be cooked properly. You can include food which is rich in carbs, proteins & fats.

  • Dinner: Do not cook after getting dark. It’s better you should be cooked before dark. Dinner must be a great meal among all due to after activities you must be tired like hell. Dinner must be light & medium in size. You can include, for instance, brown rice, beans, pizzas or whatever you would love the most.

In a nutshell, your meals should powerhouse of nutrients that can help you to stay healthy throughout the trip. Before leaving your home, make sure you must be planned with everything from Motor-home, campground to healthy food.

Stay Healthy & Hydrated!