Things To Know During Camping With Your Pet In Southern California RV Parks

If you are one of the dog lovers then leaving your pets in homes for a camping in Southern California is not a feasible option. The pets can make wonderful camping companions for sure. Nonetheless, you have to keep them with some precautions that would be better for both of you & your pet. These precautions ensure the safety of your canine family during camping.

Southern California CampingWhen we talk about the most lively place of Southern California, Los Angeles then it has more than 70 miles of coastline, but dogs are not allowed on the beach. They are being increasingly banned from beaches, due to poor etiquette of pets’ owners. From everything, eventually this is your responsibility to ensure that you should follow all the rules & regulations in regards. Always go for the policies of pets before you leave your place.

However, many places are pet-friendly but with some limitations. In Los Angeles County, the best place to camp on or near the beach with your pet. Point Mugu & Leo Carrillo State Parks- there are two parks that allow dogs to enjoy the water with their owners at the fullest. And both parks are located a few miles north of town. The characteristics of these parks are- easy to access of shorelines with tide pools, surfing access & fishing. If you will prefer recreational vehicle for camping then these state parks will allow with limited primitive tent sites as well as picnic tables. There would be no chance to forget your family as well as a beloved pet. Both parks provide restrooms as well as basic amenities.

When it comes to San Diego county, it offers the paradise for dogs & people. You will get four beaches in and around the county such as North Beach Dog Run in Coronado, Del Mar, Ocean Beach Dog Beach and Fiesta Island at Mission Bay. However, pets are most welcomed on camp lots but some places are not allowed with pets.

The next noticeable thing is that never leave the pet unattended on site of the camp. For parking meters, always carry enough change, it would be better for both pet & owner. Well. Most of the beaches charge fees for parking. So, before leaving your car then do not forget to grab a water dish and jug of fresh water of your pet. I addition, to avoid lots of health problems of your dog such as dehydration then encouraging your dog for fresh water during tenting & playing on the beach.