Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood – Balboa RV Park

Universal Studios Hollywood

Time has changed since the first time Universal Studios Hollywood opened its doors to the people in 1915. From that time, Universal Studios strives numerous options to meet the requirements & exciting offers during your camping. During the beginning of month march, you can get buy a day the rest of the year free deal. The whole experience will provide you a unique experience with enormous amazing rides. It is a genuine movie studio that is the combination of adventure & theme park. You can take a tour once around the studios and find out the information behind many movies that have been filmed there. This is one of the most most famous & oldest Hollywood film studios still in use and first of many full-fledged universal studios theme parks across the globe. The most of the classic movies of Studio are paid homage with rides such as Terminator 2, Shrek 4D, Jurassic Park, Special Effects Stage, Universal’s Animal Actors, Characters in the park etc. The whole park is laid out as a movie set plus attractions and thousands of visitors visit the place every day.


  • Shrek 4-D is a 4D film and also known as Shrek 3-D at various film theme parks around the world. Here, the adventures will put you in the action with eye-popping, hair-raising and butt-busting effects that all are so real. The 3D effects will be blown your mind for sure with the miracle of Ogre-vision glasses bring the experience to your life. You must be heard about it, but you will actually feel the actions as water, wind, mist & other special effects that will spoil for choice.


  • Jurassic Park- the ride will be closed till March 14th. It is based on water amusement ride in the Steven Spielberg film park. Experiencing face-to-face living dinosaurs and a treacherous drop straight down to 84 foot death- defying raft plunge. The most amazing facts are included is that it embraces 1.5 million gallons of water over here.

Special Effects Stage

  • Special Effects Stage- a new attraction in Universal Studios and it serves as a new version of the park’s former special effects stage that is located in the Lower lot. It takes visitors through demonstrations of how movie special effects are created, including Chroma key, Stop motion techniques and Motion Capture.

Super Silly Fun Land

  • Super Silly Fun Land- the new emergence of attractions here and is an all new luxuriant play zone that is adjacent to Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. The colorful theme, interactive Minion-inspired outdoor venue is a literal interpretation of the seaside carnival and this is designed to entertain you at the fullest.

With proper planning, it must be a great family day out for better and you can enjoy the whole park in one day.