Saying goodbye to 2014

What are your goals for 2015? The joy of vacations, camping and hanging out can be seen everywhere around Los Angeles. Few brave people are camping around for Camping Southern California. A huge gathering can be seen at islands of Balboa. The sparkling night lights and the joy of winters pushing more towards entertaining sites to visit before the end of 2014 and welcome 2015 with a smile on each others face.


Capture more and more photos, more rest, be healthy and be free to start in 01.01.15.  Sending messages and making calls in not enough sometimes to celebrate an occasion. Fall into the almighty landscapes of Los Angeles RV Parks with your beloved ones and watch the entertaining time lights while camping in your RV around the state. Its time to move on by leaving the negativities behind by engaging with the positive people and balboa family around you here. Reset your watches with us and start your countdown timer now to get participated with us at the amazing landscapes in your sparkling home away from your home.