Whats behind the Christmas?

Many people celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Nobody knows the real birthday of Jesus! No fix date is given in the Bible, then why do we celebrate it on the 25th December?

There are many different traditions and theories, but the first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336AD, during the time of the Christian Roman Emperor. Then after few years, Pope Julius officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December.

Christmas celebrations started on 25th Dec, Christmas Day and lasted for 12 Days – so they were known as The 12 Days of Christmas! The celebrations finished on the evening of January 5th , which is better known as Twelfth Night.

On Christmas Day, people brings the Yule Log into the house and light it on Christmas Eve. They are using little piece of the previous years log and then would burnt non-stop until Twelfth Night (5th January). Its Tradition which said that any greenery such as Ivy, Holly and Mistletoe should only be taken into the house on Christmas Eve.

On this day, Many people in Different countries like Germany, Sweden exchange their presents.

Every day during Christmas Celebration, Children share their Christmas wishes with Santa by delivering letters. And hope that Santa will fulfill their Christmas wishes.